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Public Liability
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Monoblock driveway cleaning examples Edinburgh

 Before cleaning               After cleaning               50% done  

Before Pressure Wash     After 1st Run    See it

      Before                    After                (click for larger photographs)

Monoblock clean   Pressure Washed driveway  Front door before  Front door mono block after  Mono block driveway before Mono block driveway cleaning edinburgh

Mono Block Patio Cleaning before and after (EH4)  (click for larger photographs)

Pation Cleaning before  Pation after pressure washing

Photograph of our new ECO friendly cleaning equipment  (click for larger photographs)

pressure washing equipment

Imprinted Concrete Patio Pressure Cleaned (Silverknowes)

Concrete before cleaning  Concrete after pressure cleaning

           Before                          After                  (click for larger photographs)

Slab Patio & pathway Cleaning (East Craigs)

Slabs area before Slabs after cleaning Slabs before 2 slabs after powerwash

                           Before                                                    After                            (click for larger photographs)

Oil Stained Monoblock Driveway (Baberton)

oil stained monoblock driveway  Oil stained monoblock cleaned

        Before                      After                        (click for larger photographs)

Step and basement clean (Walker Street)

step clean steps after cleaning basement before pressure cleaning basement after eco clean

        Before                    After                         Before                    After                    (click for larger photographs)

Tarmac Driveway Cleaned

tarmac driveway before cleaning tarmac after pressure washing using surface cleaner tarmac driveway refurbished clean tarmac driveway

         Before                    After                       Before                    After                    (click for larger photographs)

All pictures are of work completed by ECO Pressure Clean.

A Wooden Patio decking cleaned and hand finished (Edinburgh EH4)


monoblockbefore monoblockafterclean monoblockdrivecleaned patiobefore patioafter

A Monoblock driveway and Patio cleaned then resanded (Edinburgh EH4)

flagstonepathbefore flagstonepathafterecoclean

Edinburgh flagstone path to front door cleaned with no chemicals just water

monoblockbefore monoblockafterclean monofrontbefore frontafter stepsbefore stepsafter

Oil Stained Monoblock driveway, front area and steps cleaned (Edinburgh EH14) Oil removed using ECO friendly products.


mossmonoblockbefore monoblockmossremoved monofrontbefore monofrontafter monofrontafter

Monoblock driveway Edinburgh EH4, Moss & Dirt removed using just water. Optional Resiblock sealant was applied after resand - pictures to follow.


splbefore monoblockmossremoved monofrontbefore monofrontafter

Scottish Poetry Library. Slippery surface was causing a Health and Safety issue, Algae & dirt removed + a Bio inhibitor was used to slow regrowth.


monoblockbefore monoblockafterclean monojustcleaned frontafter

Monoblock driveway South Queensferry EH30. Dirt & moss removed, resanded and finished with Resiblock Superior Matt Driveway Sealant. Results should last for 3-5 years.


tarmacbefore tarmacbefore tarmacjustcleaned Picsealhalfway picscoatsealedtarmac

Tarmac driveway cleaned, moss algae and dirt removed. Once dried it was renovated with PICScoat.

monobefore before justcleaned justcleaned

Large 110m driveway cleaned, moss algae and dirt removed & resanded.



Video of our ECO driveway cleaning system on monoblock driveway.

Video may take a few seconds to load once clicked, depending on your connection speed.


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