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Public Liability

Public Liability
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Public Liability : £1,000,000

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Graffiti removal Edinburgh

Graffiti Cleaning Midlothian

ECO Safe Cleaning - Graffiti Removal Service Edinburgh and Midlothian

Using an ECO friendly system we remove all types of Graffiti - spray paint, marker pen etc from walls, metal surfaces, signage, cladding, brick, glass and even perspex without any surface damage.

Environmental Responsibility

There are many different brands of graffiti removers to choose from but which is right for your purpose? Some brands of graffiti removal chemicals are more effective than others, however they use harmful chemicals that can cause injury to both the user and people in the immediate area.

The brand chosen by ECO Pressure Clean eliminates the need to trade off between a products effectiveness and safety/environmental features. This range started in Australia, combined with a low pressure wash its the first time we have an ECO safe system that removes graffiti from ALL surfaces without causing any damage at all - it even leave a pleasant smell behind.

This graffiti removal product tick all the boxes

  • Non-Toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-corrosive
  • pH neutral
  • Water soluble
  • Sweet light citrus odour

Our chosen graffiti removal chemicals are used and recommended by thousands of contractors, schools, councils, roads and traffic authorities, shop owners and home owners worldwide. If graffiti is a regular problem sacrificial coatings can be applied as a preventative measure.

"Cleaning that does not cost the earth"

Contact us by e-mailing or call us to arrange a a free consultation where we can discuss your requirements, and provide an accurate quotation.

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